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  1. I think the creative eye on this photo deserves an award. Yes, the picture is there for everyone, but most would not
    have the eye to see it. Shadow art has so much potential.

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  2. Great composition John. Happy July 4th.
    We had a great July 1st up here for Canada Day 150. Cloudy, but our area did not have any rain. Liz’s Special Needs Theatre Group had a float in the parade. The ones who were not with the float were with the Sp. Olympics float.
    After parade they group came over for BBQ & pool party – turning into an annual event. Today I have the vertical smoker BBQ a pork loin roast for 4th of July. I believe in international co-operation, especially for BBQ. 😀

    ***** The blog will default to image post if you post a single image without any text accompanying it. As you discovered, you have to make sure to choose standard post setting. I had the same issue with my Dark Pines Photo blog. 🙂

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    1. Sounds like a wonderful annual event you’re starting, Joseph. On the 4th I was with all my siblings (there are 6 of us) at a Peter Frampton concert and Independence Day celebration. we hadn’t all been together at one time since my daughter’s wedding 3-1/2 years ago.

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    1. Loved the video! I hope I haven’t chosen a buggy theme. After it was published, this post appeared on the blog’s home page (viewed on a computer) without it’s heading. If you click on the little comment “thought balloons,” under the photo, the enlarged version HAS the heading. I’ve e-mailed the WP “Happiness Engineers.”

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    2. Just discovered that the theme I’m using published the photo post as an “image” post. Once I changed the setting to a “standard” post, the heading appeared. I never saw this options menu when creating the Daily Graff posts.

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