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One thought on “This Week’s Wisdom

  1. As has been stated elsewhere, change is the constant. How we deal with it is the challenge. Do we simply accept it as is, or do we attempt to meddle with it? Life!

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  2. Captain Cold’s heist rules ( Flash TV show). 1. Make a plan. 2. Execute the plan. 3. When the unexpected happens ( as it usually does), throw away the plan. 😀

    Other great rule – when you achieve a prominent position in life, expect some ribbing/criticism. Don’t have a twitter rant and whine about the fact that your flaws are on equal display with your strengths. Always be prepared to adapt and do better. If not, the door will hit you on the way out. 😉

    John, may your hero’s journey continue to be a puntastic one. 🙂

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  3. Beautiful new blog, John. Your words of wisdom go along with one of my favorite quotes that I make every attempt to live by: “I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and I love today . . .” Comgratulations on the new blog.

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    1. Doris–Thanks for being one of the first people to comment on my first day of posts! I’m glad I had a month off to build the new site and decide how I wanted to handle the features


    1. And thus, Dearest Al, you became the first person to leave a comment on an After Graff post. (Courtney Wright left the first likes–not long after the posts were published–which prevented me from having heart failure, because the posts are not showing up in my e-mail, even though I have subscribed).

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