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The Photo shows the shadow of the Bavarian Inn Lodge in Frankenmuth, MI.  It won 2nd Place in the Inn’s annual photo contest for 2006 and hangs somewhere in the Inn in a framed collage of that year’s winners.  (Possibly the last time I can use “in the Inn in” in a sentence.)

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  1. Who was the Bavarian in lodge ? It was P.H. Otto Graff. He was admiring John’s photo that went to collage.

    Fascinating composition. 🙂

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  2. Great photo John. You know, there is a way to say “and” five times in a row and still have it make sense. So you can say “and and and and and” and it would make sense.

    The owner of the pub Crown And Castle had a signwriter come in to redo the sign as it was tatty. When he finished, the pub landlord went out to have a look but he was not happy. He said to the signwriter “It’s too spaced out. There is too much of a gap between Crown and And and And and Castle”

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  3. Yes John, that is a great photo. Again, there is another picture that is really made with the shadows. Your photo
    of the milk cases was nothing till it had the shadows to give it interest. Many photos are taken early morning or at
    dusk to add character.

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