This Week’s Words

I wrote this for a friend whose husband was experiencing several life-threatening medical crises over many weeks.  She has given me permission to reprint it here.

A Salute to The Beleaguered Caregiver

You are a Champion, even when no anthems are played,
a Rock. It is not just your Loved One who needs you,
but it is also The World, for The World needs to know that
Champions walk among us, Heroes unsung, Heroes unheralded,
who take to The Battlefield each day with no promise of Victory,
no Certainty that The Battle will ever end,
or that they will outlive The Battle.

With no Relief in sight, you Determine to get through each day
with your Courage intact—against Legions upon Legions of Nightmares
overtaking your Path. You Defy the Darkness, one small Act of Duty
at a time, followed by Another, followed by Another;
this is your Armament–-your Helmet, Sword, and Shield–
for the Battle must be won INSIDE.

No other Troops to Muster, you March On, and On,
and you fight the Remaining Fight against All Odds.
You are a Champion.

Copyright ©  2015 by John Arthur Robinson

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