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If I Could Change My Nationality or Place of Origin

I am an American, a North American, from the U.S.A.

If I could change my nationality, I would be British, because to Americans all British people sound important and highly educated, just because of their accent.  I would be French because I love to hear their language spoken.  It’s the most lyrical language in the world.

I would be Italian, because I love pasta, and their weather is better than what we get in Ohio.  While on the subject of food, I would be Chinese, because I could eat Chinese food every day and never get tired of it.

I would be Russian, Eastern European, or Scandinavian, because the people seem really sturdy.  I would be Polynesian, because they seem so laid back.

I would come from India because the people are so handsome, wear the most colorful fabrics, and have a natural grace.  I would be Australian, because their manner of speaking, accent, and lifestyles are so playful.

I would be Canadian and suffer (almost) no culture shock at all.

I would be Spanish, because I could travel confidently in Spain, Mexico, or the rest of the Spanish-speaking world.  I would be from one of the Middle Eastern countries in the hopes of being a peacemaker.

I would be Irish because I AM half Irish and their country is so green.  I would be German, because I AM half German, and they have the Autobahn.  I would be from any of the other European countries because it’s so easy to travel across borders and cultures and enjoy the food and sights along the way.

I would be Japanese because no other people cherish their traditions so carefully.  I would be a Bedouin because my roots would be in sand.

I would be from a country in Africa because the continent is alive with potential.  I would be from one of the South American countries because I’d love to visit them all.

I would be Asian, because that would give me the largest land mass to call my own.  I would be from a country that ended in “istan” because I could always spell at least part of the neighboring countries’ names.

I would be from any of the countries I haven’t mentioned because all peoples make up the human mosaic and add color, excitement, news, and drama to our daily lives, and because each region has its own wonders of the world.

Just not Antarctican.  I wouldn’t come from Antarctica, because it’s (1) cold and (2) requires too much luggage.

Copyright © 2017 by John Arthur Robinson

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  1. There are so many people from other countries who wish or are trying to come to our wonderful country. We are the land of freedom and opportunities. Things are not given to us, but if we are willing to learn and work hard, there is no other country in the world I would chose. We have a selection of restaurants which can give us the fleeting moments
    of these other cultures.

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