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A HUGE Development for Me

I have a friend, Simona Aizicovici, who makes the most amazing “paintings” using only pressed plant material.  Here is a link to her gallery (click on each thumbnail to see a larger version):

Tuesday evening I attended the opening reception in the Athens Public Library for Simona’s exhibit (in two glass cases) of many of her smaller works.  Concurrently, she has a month-long exhibit of her larger works in a gallery space in Ohio University’s student center (I went to that opening reception this evening). The library, in addition to the display cases, has two other areas where they feature the works of two new artists every month — a 38-ft. long wall opposite the circulation desk and the walls of a small conference room.

Simona has seen my photography, so while she was busy showing her exhibit to visitors, she had her husband introduce me to the director of the “Art in the Library” program. After we exchanged names, I said, “I am a photographer” (the first time I allowed myself to claim that title despite posting over a thousand photos in my blogs) and, using my cell phone, I showed him my offerings at FineArtAmerica:

He was very impressed, offered me the use of the conference-room walls for an exhibit during one of the available months in 2018, and said he’d e-mail me the list of the months.  That night I sent him a link to the FAA site and added the links to the “Most Liked” gallery archive at and to this new blog. He responded with the available months for the conference room but said that I was very “professional” and that if I wanted to wait for the first availability (in 2019) of the main-wall space opposite the circulation desk, I could have that for my exhibit.

I am now scheduled for a major exhibit of my photography on that main wall for the whole month of March, 2019.  (I’m inviting you now to the opening reception, which will include refreshments).  Some of you have been with me since I was a novice photoblogger in 2010.

Manuscript editing and course development was what I did for a living.  Photography has been my lifelong passion. This is HUGE for me.  I am learning to mat and frame my own photos, and I have 16 months to put together a collection of large and small works to fill that long exhibit wall.

Now I have to get BUSY!

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17 thoughts on “This Week’s Words

  1. John, Congratulations on this major show of your photography work. It will showcase and share your professional skills in this artistic realm to many others !! Very proud of you and this accomplishment. Looking forward to seeing this exhibit of your works. I know it will be amazing.

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  2. This is HUGE, John. Absolutely fantastic! Congratulations. I already knew how good a photographer you were already though, so it doesn’t really come as a surprise.

    Well done. Maybe, just maybe, I can get the money together – and hopefully I will have been able to get out of the house by then as well.

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  3. Congratulations John! By using title of “photographer” you told the director and the world your true identity. Looking forward to your great “reveal” in 2019!!

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