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To the Men Who Have Been Disgraced and Have Lost Your Position Due to Allegations of Sexual Harassment Following the Harvey Weinstein Scandal

Some of you are men I have admired, but your reputations have been destroyed, and you went from having positions of prestige, power, and influence to dropping completely out of the public eye. Your prospects for a happy, purpose-filled future are bleak.

But it doesn’t have to end this way. You could reach out to each other in a brotherhood of support and decide to bring something positive out of the debris of your careers.


As a Christian, I believe that NO ONE is beyond redemption. Combined, you have a second chance to devote yourselves to a life of service.

1. Form an organization dedicated to supporting causes of the oppressed, especially focusing on women’s causes, such as combating sexual harassment, domestic violence, homelessness, workplace inequality, etc.

2. Combine your fortunes to fund this effort.

3. Hire people to run the organization so that you are NOT in the public eye.

4. Do not expect this effort to help you get your former prestige, power, and influence back.

You will be doing this to regain your self-esteem and the esteem of those you love. You will be doing this for the friendship of your fallen brothers. You will be doing this for a sense of purpose. You will be doing this for personal redemption.

I am proposing this out of compassion for your fallen state. I wish you the best.

–John A. Robinson

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  1. Good words, John. The current climate leads to the Reconciliation period in South Africa led by Nelson Mandella. It was a time for some to admit and for others to forgive. We may be in need of this …. then again, we are a society that currently favors tearing down over building up.

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