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Let 2018 FINALLY Be the Year!

Your experience might be that “New Year’s Resolutions Are Made to Be Broken,” but the fact is that some people make a resolution, stick to it, and it changes their lives. Decide the one thing you would most like to change or do in 2018,

and then just DO it!

I spent 36 years in a desk job that I only enjoyed for the first 5-10 years. I should have started taking risks to end up getting paid for something I enjoyed doing. Only now, well into my retirement, am I starting to pursue my dreams.

For the whole month of February, my “Art from Leftover Parts” sculpture exhibit will be in the glass display cases in the Athens County Public Library’s Athens, Ohio, Branch. Then, in March, 2019, my photography will be exhibited on a 40-ft. gallery wall across from the circulation desk just inside the entrance to the same library–a place where everyone visiting the library will see my work.

I will soon be known in the area as an artist and photographer–a new identity for me after being a “manuscript editor” for almost 40 years. It’s never too late to redefine who you are!

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  1. It truly never is too late to pursue your dreams. Thank you for everything in 2017, John and I hope 2018 is better than you could ever hope for. Happy New Year my friend

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