This Week’s Words

Anthem, 2018

I have believed in, doubted, and believed in God; I have believed in, doubted, and believed in myself.

I have suffered more than some, less than many in my personal crucible.

I have a right to be different, a right not to be defined by what “The Norm” is for my gender, a right not to play games just to be accepted. I will not sacrifice my sanity for conformity.

I hurt for the hurting; I am aggrieved by injustice; and I am enraged by incompetent or insensitive people in power. I reject the authority of evil people in power.

I have a right to a red-hot anger toward people who abuse other people, especially toward those who abuse women and children. Abusers are the enemies of humanity, but many need help because they were abused.

I have a duty to speak out when I see a wrong–to raise my voice in protest, to add my name to petitions–I have a right to be heard that no government has a right to silence.

I am right that I have a right to write.

Copyright © 2018 by John Arthur Robinson

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9 thoughts on “This Week’s Words

  1. You got it right John. 🙂
    My you and all other good Americans hold strong in these strange times.

    What a world we have arrived at, just as I think I have grown a thick enough skin to withstand another outrageous announcement or revelation, something else gets tossed through the metaphorical window that leaves me aghast & perplexed.

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  2. Definitely words of wisdom. I could write and expand on every point you make, but my commentary would be longer than your wisdom. It’s better to be short, direct and to the point. An excellent letter at the beginning of 2018.

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