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Politics Aside . . .

I am aware that my posts have become more political lately, and I have decided that my blog should be a refuge from the world’s chaos, not a commentary on it.  My previous blog was entirely based on humor, was family friendly, and was meant to be uplifting.

So I am changing directions in this blog to present from now on (1) inspirational quotes by others, (2) my best photographs, and (3) thoughtful commentary, poems, observations, etc., on the lighter side.

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4 thoughts on “This Week’s Words

  1. There’s still a place for a commentary on todays events that might be worth mentioning, but keeping some lightness
    is always refreshing. Words of wisdom are always good, especially ones that are true today as well as 50 or 100
    years ago.

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  2. I also understand that you wanted to use the AfterGraff as a more open, not strenuously humorous forum. As spoken by a Good Friend of mine, sort of- if we are not forum, we are againum. I am for you expressing yourself honestly as you see fit here. It’s your playground, your rules and your honesty and transparency are appreciated.

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