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I’m feeling bad, sad, angry, and helpless over two events this week.

1. This past Saturday afternoon, two beloved police officers were fatally shot responding to a potential domestic situation in Westerville, Ohio (a town we visit often).  Their funerals were today (Friday):

Read the CBS news account of the killings.

2. On Valentine’s Day, seventeen students in Parkland, Florida, were gunned down by a student who had been expelled from the school:

Read the PBS news account of the events.

The police officers were killed in a shoot-out with a criminal with a long record.  The students were killed by a student with a history of mental illness.  While ALL the deaths make me feel bad, sad, angry, and helpless, what makes my anger burn white-hot is that the student used an AR-15 semi-automatic assault weapon that no civilian needs–a weapon that has been used in most of the school shootings–most of the mass-death shootings–in the U.S. in the last couple of years.

Republican members of Congress, whose campaigns have been heavily funded by the National Rifle Association, refuse to allow any bans on these military-style weapons.  As long as this national insanity continues, so will multiple-death incidents facilitated by this weapon.

Other countries are astounded that we allow this madness.  I am embarrassed to be a citizen of a country that puts the unrestrained rights of a few gun owners over the safety of the rest of its citizens.  This weapon has no other use than to ensure as many deaths as possible in the shortest amount of time.

I repeat: NO CIVILIAN NEEDS A SEMI-AUTOMATIC ASSAULT WEAPON!  If you agree, raise your voice.

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3 thoughts on “This Week’s Words

  1. Take care John.

    Before we retired from teaching, we had a Code Red incident. The young person in question was very upset. The support staff and Principal were concern that the student might self harm. Unfortunately the student mentioned that the father had a gun (lived in a distant community), and shortly after further conversation abruptly left the school.
    Because of mentioning the gun, though unaccessible, the principal is required to call the police, and declare a lock-down. The greater concern was that the student might do self-harm, especially if they were aware of the commotion generated by their action.

    This all happened before & during lunch – I arrived for the afternoon to locked doors &to witness the arrival of the police. Fortunately, I was able to get info from senior staff & police and act as informal staff rep talking to any concerned public on the outside.

    In the end, the student was located unharmed. No violence, just tension & disruption. Outcome, there were some legal consequences for the student & also psychological support.

    Our gun access in Canada is still too open in some ways,and we have had some serious incidents, but thank God we are not afraid of Kinder-eggs, and the gun lobby does not have its hooks in our system. May they go to a warm place for a very long time.

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