This Week’s Photo (with Links)


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11 thoughts on “This Week’s Photo (with Links)

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  1. Congrats on this unique display of your art talents and the published article about you and this library show. Certainly a well-rounded and varied talented artist. Kudos to you. D&B

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    1. Thanks, Doris! The exhibit is now in the Nelsonville public Library for the month of March. During March, 2019, I will have a major exhibit of my PHOTOGRAPHY in the Athens Public Library. This is all very exciting!


  2. I cant say enough how proud this makes me to know you John. You have done brilliantly with a hidden talent, and even more ways to bring a smile to our faces. Thank you

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    1. Thank you, Al. I have been overwhelmed by the positive reaction to my sculptures. It seems that what amused me in the creation is amusing others in the observation. On Wed. I moved the exhibit to a library in a different town for the month of March.

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