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Those of you who have followed me for a long time (some for 7.5 years) know that, until recently, the weekly posts appeared, like clockwork, at 5 minutes after midnight on Friday night (Eastern Time).  You same loyal followers will have noticed that the posts have been getting later and later in the weekend and even as late as Monday.

What is holding up all 3 weekly posts is the need to come up with something significant in the “This Week’s Words” segment.  My life has been crazy busy lately, and I haven’t had the luxury of having time to compose something meaningful each week.

So, I decided today that in order to get back to “like clockwork” posts, the “This Week’s Words” segment can’t be a regular weekly feature.  I will leave the door open to sharing more “Words” if I have something to say, but for now, only “This Week’s Wisdom” and “This Week’s Photo” will be the regular features you can count on.

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  1. I am sure we all understand how life has it own way to taking control sometimes of our daily activities. No problem. Will enjoy whatever and whenever you post !!! Keep up this good work as you can. D&B

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