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Announcing The End

With gratitude to my long-time followers and apologies to my more-recent followers, I have decided to end my eight-year blogging career on the last Saturday in April. I have a number of “excuses,” but the most important one is that maintaining this blog has become a chore.  It’s not fun anymore.

Less-important excuses are:

(1) I’m facing back surgery, and until that happens, I can’t stand very long or walk very far,  (2) if I continue my blog after May, I will have to pay the annual fee of $36.00 for the domain name, and (3) my career as an artist and photographer is taking off, requiring more of my attention (e.g., my Art from Leftover Parts sculptures were exhibited in two local libraries during the last 2 months; I have a booth this weekend at a local art fest where I am selling both my framed and unframed photos to the public for the first time; and I have 10 months to prepare enough large-format photos for a major gallery show of my work during March, 2019).

My “hobbies” of taking photos for my photoblog and of tinkering with odds and ends at my workbench have led to my debut as a professional photographer and artist.  The feedback I have been getting for my photography and art has been most gratifying.  After 40 years of being an unfulfilled manuscript editor, I am finally getting recognized for what I love to do.  None too soon–I will be 70 next year.  I’m proof that you’re never too old to redefine who you are!

Through my blog, I have developed friendships with people all over the world, and that has been the greatest benefit from being a blogger.  I want to maintain those friendships.  My blog is going away, but I’m not.  I have cherished my interaction with all of you over the years and look forward to continued interaction in the future.


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19 thoughts on “Fourth-to-Last This Week’s Words

  1. I have been computer disabled for a couple of weeks, and I am only now getting caught up. So sad to hear you are moving to non-digital pastures. The digital reality can be very ephemeral. One day, digital archaeologists may come along who will be able to somehow find the treasures you have sown, and recover what will now become ghostly echoes of the conversations that they inspired.
    All the best in your health & future artistic pathways.
    If you stay with WordPress, you will be able to still converse, if time & health permit. 🙂
    Happy Trails to you.

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    1. Thanks, Joseph. As long as I don’t delete the blogs, I will always have a WP presence, and I will continue to follow (and comment on) your posts. Yours is an interesting idea about future digital archeologists uncovering buried electrons.

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  2. John,

    Sorry to see your weekly contributions ending, but I can understand your rationale. Good luck on your surgery and your redefinition endeavors. I look forward to seeing your contributions to the art world – and stay in touch.


    John K

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    1. Thanks, John! Enough people have expressed interest in the newsletter that I have decided to put out one quarterly. Tell Mickey that I enjoy and/or respect her FB posts, even though we don’t always agree on the issues. I guess I’m a “conservative liberal.”


  3. John, Sorry to learn this blog will be “retired” ! Have always enjoyed your photos, humorous photo descriptions, commentaries and all the Quotes so very meaningful. This has always been a great weekly uplifting email and great way to start my week. I know we will stay in contact and you will keep us updated on everything going on. Best wishes with all your future endeavors after health issues have been resolved. We all know that you will continue to create, comment, and craft more amazing ways to enjoy all the things that you love to do. We look forward to all as you constantly evolve. Best always, D&B

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  4. John, A super smarty guy like you needs to share his vision (or hallucinations), no matter what the venue. Thanks for a great ride !!! Love you & will miss your sense & nonsense. Cookie

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  5. John, You certainly have made a difference in the lives of many people including myself. I can understand your evolution from blogger to artist. We will certainly keep in touch. I hope all goes well with your surgery too.

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  6. It will be sad to see you go, but huge congratulations John. You have done a fantastic job over the last 8 years and I, for one, have enjoyed each and every one of your posts. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us.

    You have given us many laughs and grins and chortles and giggles. Thank youl

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