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8 thoughts on “Third-to-Last This Week’s Photo

  1. Oh.. I have a butter pet peeve as well. I hate to order rolls and when they bring the butter it is hard as a rock because it has been frozen! How do you spread ANY of it when it is impossibly hard??? Grr

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  2. Am I dreaming?? or is my eyesight blogged down. Heavenly picture for those who know butter (and lots of it) belongs next to the rolls!

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    1. I feared that I had “lost” you when I stopped posting the punny captions, but you’ve just been waiting for me to provide you some good opportunities! LOVED both of your comments.


  3. Yes you’re right about the small pats of butter usually served with rolls. I also wonder why they keep these pats in the
    freezer till right before the meal. You’re right about the excess. Maybe it’s about showing how far you’ve come in
    50 years. Nothing shows your successes like an excess of butter. Butter your bread like there’s no tomorrow.

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