Third-to-Last This Week’s Words

The Ultimate Insult

One of my lifelong pet peeves has been the habit of restaurants to serve biscuits or rolls with one little pat or one tiny tub of butter for each roll.  It’s a known law of the universe that it takes at least one little pat or one tiny tub of butter for each half of a roll or biscuit, and it’s maddening to have to “make do” with half of the needed “spread.”  No amount of gymnastic “spreading” will enable the provided butter to adequately cover the biscuits/rolls.

This past summer I attended my 50th High School reunion.  The venue was not only most generous with the butter they supplied for the buffet, but they were insanely excessive by supplying two 9″ x 13″ VATS of butter (Click on the “Home” link below to see the photo).  The attendees barely put a dent in one of the pans.  One-fourth of one of the pans would have been more butter than the crowd needed.

What really makes me sick is the knowledge that all that unused butter would have to be thrown out.  I doubt that state laws would allow it to be reused.  My question to the venue would be this: “In what staff meeting was it decided to supply a banquet with more than enough butter for every roll or biscuit consumed in the entire nation during that evening?”

THERE, I’ve gotten that off my chest.  No need to butter me up with excessive comments.

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  1. They could have put it onto toast, attached it to a cat, and dropped it to see if it goes in an ever spinning freefall due to a cat landing on its feet and bread always landing butter side down.

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