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The newsletter is a “Go”!

After I mentioned the possibility last week, I have had enough interest in an e-mailed newsletter that I have decided to create one quarterly, with the first one in June.  It will be an informal newsletter, possibly containing humor, personal updates, photos, commentary, poetry, etc.  If you would like to be put on the mailing list (to remain “in the loop”), send me a message (you can leave the “website” field blank):

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After giving careful thought about what I wanted the last words  to BE after an eight-year blogging career, I’ve decided to sign off with this simple poem:

In the Sunflower Field

One tall sunflower
high above the ground
cried “Notice me!  Notice me!
I’m too tall to be found!”

One short sunflower,
shorter than the rest,
cried “Woe is me!  Woe is me!
No one will think me best!”

One soaring blackbird,
one little boy,
each found a sunflower–
all found joy.

Copyright © 2018 by John Arthur Robinson

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6 thoughts on “The LAST This Week’s Words

  1. Quite a few years ago, I planted some seeds out of a packet. They were called Giant Russian Sunflowers. Grows
    up to 8 foot tall. Well, as they were growing, I selected the heartiest looking one and gave it my best care. I gave it
    water every day and special flower fertilizer. It really grew to nearly 8 ft. with a huge flower head about 15 inches
    across. I planned on a photo shoot day for Saturday. Early on Saturday, I got me camera, loaded it with fresh film
    (in those days) and went outside to forever preserve my masterpiece. Lo and behold to my shock the stalk was there
    with no head. Across the yard, I saw a very large squirrel struggling to drag off his prize . They love sun flower seeds.
    I’ve had the same problem with strawberries and other fruits. Just one more day…

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    1. Oh, I can just SEE a squirrel doing that! How disappointing to JUST miss getting that photo. I had a birdfeeder out this winter that the birds and 2 squirrels emptied every day. A few weeks ago while it was still really cold we were going to be gone for a long weekend, so I filled the one feeder and put out a 2nd (bigger) feeder to try to feed the regulars while we were gone. When we got home, both feeders were on the ground! Had to be the squirrels because the feeders were too high for deer to reach.


    1. Thank YOU for being such a big fan and for being no. 1 in the number of comments left. Our friendship across The Pond has been one of the best outcomes of becoming a blogger.


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