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“What a fantastically funny piece of writing. I absolutely loved it….All I can say is brilliant, excellent and highly recommended.” – Julie Elizabeth Powell, author of “Julie’s Quick Picks”, The LL Book Review.

THINGS HAPPEN TO LYLE. Lyle is a fictional correspondence-course editor who writes letters to a friend in the Midwest USA. Sounds ordinary? Just ask the Human Sexuality Professor, Ivanta Mora Menn, when Lyle is clueless to her advances. Ask the Wellness Center SWAT team or the formidable cafeteria lady, Samella. Or ask his traumatized coworkers after Lyle invents new games for the office picnic. Ask the beleaguered mailroom clerk, Sortgood Shipman. Finally, ask the various E-squads and emergency room workers who, because of Lyle, have anything BUT a boring shift. John Arthur Robinson is a master at creating ridiculously funny names and at putting Lyle in bizarre situations. When things happen to Lyle, things ALWAYS happen to the people around him!

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